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Our modern Anodising line is capable of handling extrusion lengths up to 7.8m long and sheets up to a depth of 1.25m. Standard sulphuric acid anodising is offered to BS1615 or BS3987 in etched or polished finishes, with film thicknesses ranging from 5 to 25 microns.   As well as producing any of our specialist finishes, including our NEW "Stainless Steel Effect" and Spectrocolor, on our own extensive range of products, we also offer a "Free Issue" service to a wide range of  industries, including Marine, Road Transport, POS Display, lighting and Shopfront systems. In addition to the normal Silver, Bronze and Black anodised finishes, we can offer a large range of electrolytic colours through our revolutionary Spectrocolor 2000 ™ System.

Spectrocolor 2000

Spectrocolor 2000 ™ is a patented electrolytic anodising process, operated in most parts of the industrial globe by Anodisers licensed by Henkel KGaA of Germany. Spa Aluminium Limited holds the licence for the United Kingdom.
The system offers innovative metallic colours for Aluminium which are abrasion resistant and lightfast, and are significantly harder than paint. Colours comparable to the whole spectrum are possible. Colour swatches are available to interested parties.

Clamp Marks

To enable the anodising process to be carried out successfully it is essential that a positive contact is made between the metal being anodised and the “carrying stick”. It should be noted that where this contact point occurs there will be no protective film and in the case of colours, no colouring. These marks are normally restricted to within 20mm of each end, where possible, so that they can be cut out with the minimum of waste. Please consult us at an early stage for specific advice on this subject.


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