Aluminium Anodising

Aluminium Anodising

Our in-house anodising plant is capable of handling extrusion lengths up to 7.8m long and sheets up to a depth of 1.25m, making it one of the largest anodising production lines in the UK.

We can anodise to internal decorative finish (A5 – A15 micron film thickness) as well as a durable architectural finish suitable for external and marine environments (A25 microns)

As well as the standard natural (silver) finish, we can offer a range of shades from grey through bronze and finally black. These colours can be combined with our polished finishes to create unique textured effects.

Free Issue Anodising

Alongside offering our stock material anodised we currently offer a competitive “free issue” service to a wide range of industries including Marine, Road Transport, POS Display, Lighting and Shopfront Systems.

Why not speak to our team and we can put together pricing for anodising your material today (please note drawings of profiles will be required for accurate pricing)

Quality & Clamping

We will always work to a predefined in-house inspection standard unless an alternative agreement has been established before order processing. On larger contracts, we may ask to work with clients to establish mutually acceptable upper/lower tolerances on colours.

To enable the anodising process to be carried out successfully it is essential that positive contact is made between the metal being anodised and the “carrying stick”. It should be noted that where this contact point occurs there will be no protective film and in the case of colours, no colouring. These marks are normally restricted to within 25mm of each end, where possible so that they can be cut out with the minimum of waste.