Aluminium Polishing

Aluminium Polishing

Our polishing facilities include automatic equipment for brightening and brushing finishing on extrusions up to 7000mm in length, as well as hand lathes for work unsuitable in shape or size for automatic polishing.

This enables us to achieve a wide range of surface finishes, including Satin, Mirror and Brush Grain.

We can also offer a variety of finishes for smaller parts utilising our Rotary Bowl Vibratory Machine.

Unique Finishing

Our unique “stainless steel effect” highlights aluminium’s amazing versatility and is a popular finish amoungst the strucutral glazing and partitioning industries, this is just one example of how mixing polishing and anodising can create hard wearing and visually appealing solutions for finishing.

Why not ask one of our team for a Polished Sample Pack to see all available finishes?