The modern manufacturing techniques employed to produce the raw materials that Spa Aluminium sells to its customers make full use of recycling technologies. This is an economical advantage as well as an environmental benefit.

Aluminium has a very well-established worldwide recycling programme, details of which can be observed on many various internet sites such as the Alupro website at www.alupro.org.uk

It is an objective of Spa Aluminium to seek every opportunity to contribute to the protection of the environment, by the provision of facilities for the re-use of waste products and packaging by recycling, another example of our continued efforts to improve our carbon footprint is our supplied electricity which is 100% sourced from renewable schemes as accredited by Ofgem

The company is committed to promoting environmentally friendly action in every aspect of its business, which in turn will result in continued improvements in both customer service and business activity.

This policy and any procedures resulting therefrom, whilst establishing an operating framework for this commitment, requires and charges all personnel employed by Spa Aluminium, its suppliers and customers, to participate and cooperate at all levels to achieve this commitment in action and deed.